Megan Dawson

Associate Attorney

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Associate Attorney

Megan E. Dawson is an Associate Attorney at Dellino Family Law Group. Her practice focuses on non-traditional families and clients who experience multiply marginalization and bias. She is particularly passionate about working with polyamorous / non-monogamous parents, transgender or nonbinary children, and helping queer and transgender people navigating a legal system that was not designed to serve their needs.

She has active family law litigation, contract drafting, adoption, estate planning, and protection order practices. She has specialized training in disability and medically complex cases and is a Guardian Ad Litem. She is a member of the WSBA Diversity Committee and WA Supreme Court’s Commission on Gender and Justice subcommittee on Domestic Violence. She’s been admitted to practice in Washington, Maryland, and Georgia.

My Approach

I am a fair but firm advocate. I coach families to navigate family conflict in ways that prevent escalation, save money, and preserve the long-term relationships with coparents whenever possible. I am not afraid to fight for my clients, and will take a harm reduction approach by explaining all the risks and benefits and working with clients to make the best decision for themselves. I believe the best protection against a bad break up is a clear contract. I really enjoy helping people formalize their families through donor agreements, cohabitation agreements, adoptions, and surrogacy.


I grew up in Florida and attended New College of Florida, where I focused on art and entomology. I worked in environmental policy prior to law school, but really focused in on my passion for helping people when I began my legal career. I practiced disability law for three years in the Washington DC area before moving to Seattle. Upon arrival in 2016 I started my own solo law practice before joining the nonprofit Lavender Rights Project. I came to DLG with an intersectional, pro-black, anti-racist background and approach to family law. I have worked with Q Law family matters legal clinic on trainings and have helped dozens of families finalize their second parent adoptions. In my spare time, you will find me in an art studio throwing clay or painting magical watercolor galaxies. I am always hungry for ice cream and ready to meet any dog, but especially French Bulldogs.