What are your Rates?

  • Your total fee for a family law case will depend on your case and situation. At your consultation we will discuss what to expect when it comes to fees. Generally, you can expect our attorneys to charge between $350 and $495 per hour, depending on what attorney is working on your case and what your situation requires. Our support staff of legal assistants and paralegals also charge for their time at rates between $135 and $265 per hour for non-attorney tasks in an effort to keep your costs down. Our time is billed in 6-minute increments, meaning that not everything takes an hour and 6 minutes = .1 of an hour. At your consultation we will talk with you about how to best maximize your resources when working with us. We do our part to be economical with your resources and will never overbill you. Every month your bill is carefully reviewed before it reaches you. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about billing.

Do I pay an Advance Deposit/Retainer?

  • You will need to make what is known as an “advance fee deposit” to our client trust account before we begin representation. An advance fee deposit is also sometimes referred to as a “retainer,” although this is not the appropriate term in Washington. An advance fee deposit is exactly what it sounds like – a deposit made in advance to cover fees.
  • If there are funds left in your trust account at the end of your case you will receive them back via check at the conclusion of your case after all fees and expenses have been paid.
  • If you fall below the minimum balance or what is required for the work anticipated in your trust account during the representation, you will need to replenish it as the case continues.

How much does it cost to get divorced?

  • Many people ask what a divorce typically costs. There is no easy answer. The average cost, based on several nationwide surveys, is roughly $20,000—for each spouse. However, some people spend less than $1000 to get divorced and others spend more than $100,000. In other words, everyone’s situation is different and in need of evaluation.