Topic: Parenting Plans – Striking the Right Balance Between Control & Crazy

Date & Time: Wednesday, May 25 at 1:00pm (60 minutes)

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Description:Working through a divorce with kids? Make sure your parenting plan is fair and equitable, and most importantly, remember it is for the benefit of your kids, NOT to get back at your ex!

Join Michelle Dellino, Managing Attorney of Dellino Law Group, for a free, one-hour webinar about the things you need to consider when drafting a parenting plan that works for your new family dynamic. Maybe you have some nasty feelings toward your ex, but they are still your kids’ other parent. Don’t toe the line on crazy, make sure it is well thought out and executed.

Listen as Michelle breaks it all down and offers tips on all the things you need to know!

Join us and get your questions answered.


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