We believe in letting you know what to expect and getting you answers. Whether you have worked with attorneys in the past or it is your first time, meeting to discuss your situation can be stressful. When you come to see us we promise that we will explain things in terms you will understand and will treat you with respect. Your consultation with us is confidential, whether we decide to work together or not.

If you have legal paperwork please bring it. If you do not, just bring yourself and a willingness to tell your story. We will want to hear from you and will ask questions to get the information we need about your situation. We will help you understand your options and will give you a roadmap of what to expect during your case. Once we know the details of your situation we will also provide a quote for services. Many people want to know how much representation will cost right away. We understand. We can give you the most accurate information when we meet and hear more from you.

Rather than simply churn out documents for you like many other faceless firms do, we prefer to be a trusted adviser you can turn to for help. Rest assured, we will get your paperwork done, but at our firm you are more than a name — you are a person. We seek to build lasting relationships with our clients, offering you a friend in the legal community to whom you can turn with questions or concerns — even after the conclusion of your case. That relationship begins the first time you come to meet with us.

We have offices in Seattle and Bellevue. In Seattle we have two locations, south of downtown in the Georgetown neighborhood, and in North Seattle right by University Village, both conveniently located to meet your needs. In Bellevue, we are located downtown conveniently off 405 in the Key Center Building. We offer private and comfortable locations for your consultation.