Family Law

Your story matters to us. We want to hear what you are going through and provide a roadmap to help you get where you need to be no matter the obstacles. Maybe you have been thinking about seeking a divorce and now is the time to act. Perhaps you were recently served with divorce or legal separation paperwork and do not know what to do. You may have child with someone you were not married to but are ending the relationship and are uncertain about next steps. There are a multitude of family law issues, each one part of stories our clients have to tell. We believe to tell your story, you need the best help you can get on your side right away. We can help you take action. Retaining reliable legal help can help ensure your concerns are addressed and that you become as informed as possible. Having the right legal team on your side ensures no stone is left unturned in getting you the best possible outcome. Family law matters are stressful in nature. We are here to be by your side, let you know what to expect, and help alleviate the stress of this process so you can go about your business and daily life while we tend to your case.

Common family law situations include the following:


When a legal marriage ends, either because both or one party wants it to, there are financial matters to resolve and if there are children of the marriage, parenting and support issues as well. Unwinding a marriage is complex and has lasting impact on you both financially and emotionally. You need strong legal help to guide you through and make sure your voice is heard and goals are achieved.

Committed Intimate Relationships

Even if you were never married, living with a partner in a long term relationship can leave many issues to resolve when a relationship ends. You may be in what is known in Washington as a “Committed Intimate Relationship,” which means there are community property implications you need to know about. You may be entitled to certain assets and there may be community debts. You need to talk to an attorney who understands this unique area of the law to understand your rights.

Child Custody and Child Support

Whether a couple is married or not, when two people with a child or children end a marriage or relationship, there are decisions to be made about where the children will live and whether support needs to be paid. You need an attorney by your side to understand your rights and take control of this important situation.


After a parenting plan or child support order are finalized there may be a need to revisit things later and make changes. Modifying a parenting plan requires meeting certain legal thresholds and can be a difficult but necessary process.

Relocation with Children

If you are the primary residential parent of your child or children and want to move out of the area or even to a different school district and have a parenting plan in place, you will need to provide notice to the other parent and could face a challenge to your relocation. The best chance at being successful with your relocation case involves careful planning and worming with skilled attorneys.

Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, when emotions run high family law issues often overlap with domestic violence. There can also be protection orders and even criminal implications in these instances. We handle all of these issues and can best advise you on what steps to take and understand the impact domestic violence can have on parenting and other critical issues.