Description:   Our client was charged with a DUI with a BAC of .20 and hit and run. Thorough investigation of the circumstances and evidence yielded evidentiary issues damaging the prosecution’s case. Negotiation with the prosecutor got the client a very favorable result in what once felt for client a desperate situation. Client avoided DUI conviction, jail time, paid minimal fines, and was able to keep job.

Outcome:  Client charged with DUI with a BAC of .20 and hit and run. Charge reduced to reckless driving with no jail time.

Message:  Being pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving can be a terrifying and traumatic experience. You might find yourself with stress and anxiety about how this will affect your job, your driving record, your criminal record, your pocketbook, and even your relationships. It is essential that you know your rights and have support in determining the best way to proceed. Time is of the essence. Your DUI attorney must act with urgency, effectiveness, and competency in order to minimize or eliminate the consequences of a DUI could have on your livelihood.

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