Cinco de Mayo has come and gone – How did you celebrate?  Historically, “Cinco de Mayo” (May 5th) commemorates Mexico’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. Though the holiday is relatively minor in Mexico, it has evolved in the U.S. to become a celebration of Mexican culture, music, food and other traditions. For many, Cinco de Mayo festivities involve margaritas or other libations.

Extra officers were out to look for drivers who may have been drinking, in an effort to lower the risk of deaths and injuries resulting from DUI-related accidents.  If your celebration involved margaritas, cold beer, or tequila shots last night, hopefully you took safety precautions and designated a sober driver, took public transportation, or used a taxi or rideshare to get home.  However, we know this does not always happen. If you found yourself in a situation where you were drinking and driving and were charged with a DUI, we are here to help.

If you were charged with a DUI offense, what you do next is essential

*Contact our experienced DUI attorneys at Dellino Law Group immediately

  • A DUI is more than just a damper on a fun night out. A DUI arrest in Washington State is a serious offense and you need to take action now.
  • The Department of Licensing does not wait until criminal charges are filed to begin the suspension process, so it is essential that you act now to protect your rights, including your right to drive.

*Understand what is at stake

  • There is a lot at stake, including large fines, jail time, drivers’ license suspension, and the long term impacts of a criminal record. Please see our prior post for a list of the current penalties and fines for DUI convictions in Washington State.
  • Employment, relationships, and immigration are other areas that can be adversely affected
  • With so much on the line, it is crucial that you don’t waste any time in involving skilled legal counsel

Legal Representation

These are significant charges and you should not try to tackle them without experienced counsel to advise you appropriately and advocate on your behalf.