Mediation / Dispute Resolution Services

mediation 1Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution that can help you resolve your family law matter without litigation. In addition to representing our clients in mediations on a regular basis, Dellino Law Group also provides mediation and arbitration services to help you settle your family law matter. We have attorneys trained as mediators who continue to stay on the forefront of the latest in mediation techniques and approaches, which can be a benefit to you both in having our representation and utilizing our mediation services.

Mediation at an early stage in your case can be an effective and more cost- and time-efficient way to handle your family law issue without litigation or a lengthy process. On the other hand, in a heavily litigated case, mediation can be the last stop before a costly and emotionally draining trial. In either scenario, mediation offers you a very important opportunity to negotiate your own settlement, free from court testimony and a judge’s decision.

We offer mediation services for different parts of a family law case, from settling temporary orders during the pendency of a divorce to mediation of a complete settlement agreement and finalizing your case. We also offer mediation for unmarried parents, committed intimate relationship cases, parenting plan disputes, parenting plan modifications, relocations with children, settlement of potential contempt issues, child support issues, and nearly any other post-dissolution dispute.

Mediation or another means of dispute resolution is required in most cases in King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties unless there is a domestic violence order in place. We offer mediation and arbitration services in these counties. We have offices in North Seattle, South Seattle, and Bellevue, and service all of the surrounding areas.

Please contact us for more information about how we can help you mediate your family law issue.