Facebook announced last week that they are testing a new set of tools to make break-ups easier.  The  New York Times describes Facebook’s new feature, which is intended to help people manage their interactions with an ex once the relationship has ended. When users change their relationship status on Facebook the tools would become available, allowing them to remove their names from past posts linking them to a former partner.

With the “Take a Break” Facebook feature, you can limit the content shown between you and your ex. You can opt to see less of a former partner without having to block or unfriend them and you can control and/or block what they see of you. With this tool, you can essentially eliminate memories from your newsfeed and block updates, without the laborious chore of having to sift through photos and un-tag.

Facebook is piloting the features now and collecting feedback. They are testing this tool on mobile devices in the U.S. and will then determine whether to open it up to all Facebook account holders worldwide. Their hope is to ease the struggle of break ups and to help increase feelings of comfort and control for those ending relationships.

Legal Implications of Social Media:

Regardless of Facebook privacy controls, we always recommend that when you are going through a divorce, a breakup, or a contentious family law case, you refrain from posting on social media. Limit all social media usage during these times. Emotions run high and it is far too easy to post something you may regret or that could be used against you.

If you have questions about how social media may impact your divorce, break up, or other family law case, please contact an attorney immediately. Learn about how your posts could end up in a legal file.

Our family law attorneys at Dellino Law Group are highly skilled and experienced in managing all parts of the divorce or dissolution process, and are well-versed in the implications of social media on family law cases. Please contact us today for a consultation. We will advise you how to best protect yourself.