Happy New Year! It is time to put 2016 behind us and celebrate the start of a new year! We hope you enjoy your New Year’s festivities, and we urge you to take the steps necessary to ring in 2017 DUI-free.

Message from Uber and SDOT

Uber and Seattle’s Department of Transportation (SDOT) are also trying to deliver the message to party-goers. The West Seattle Herald describes how these organizations teamed up as concert co-hosts a couple of days ago to get the word out. The National Safety Spokeswoman for Uber came on stage at a pop-up concert in Occidental Park to tell the crowd about Uber’s New Year’s Eve discounts.  She described how uber has teamed up with law enforcement agencies in cities across the country and groups like MADD to really spread the message about planning ahead and using safer alternatives to driving under the influence. “We can be your designated driver”, she said.

Uber users can redeem a $10 discount on uberPOOL trips on New Year’s Eve by using the promo code SAFESTART2017 in the Uber app. This deal will apply to any rides between 2pm on Sat 12/31/16 and 5am on Sun 1/1/17.

Seattle’s Department of Transportation also had representation at the event, describing that this effort is part of Seattle’s larger project – the Vision Zero plan, which aims to end all traffic fatalities and serious injuries in Seattle by 2030.

It can happen to anyone:

You do not want to start out 2016 with a DUI charge. Remember that a DUI is more than just a party foul. You could be looking at driver’s license suspension, large fines, jail time, and the long term impacts of a criminal record. It can happen to anyone who drives under the influence.

Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Damontre Moore has reportedly been charged with DUI, stemming from an arrest a couple of weeks ago. He was pulled over by a Washington state trooper after he was observed to be speeding. His BAC test reportedly was just over the legal limit and he has been charged. Surely, this is not how he wanted to spend his holidays.

Plan ahead:

Party-goers are urged to plan ahead. Keep yourself and those around you safe. Seattle PD reports there will be enhanced DUI patrols throughout the weekend. With the ease and availability of Uber and other rideshare apps, and now with a $10 discount – there is really no reason to get behind the wheel if you have been drinking!

  • Choose to drive sober or designate someone else to. If you are the designated driver, don’t drink.
  • Use a smartphone app like Uber or Lyft. Utilize Uber’s NYE discount code: SAFESTART2017
  • Consider a limo or party bus if you are going out with a large group of drinkers.
  • If you have been drinking, use a taxi, call a sober friend or family member, use a rideshare company, or use public transportation to get home safely.
  • If you know others who are about to drive under the influence, help them make other arrangements to get home safely.

If you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being accused of DUI:

  • Don’t answer any questions. Politely tell the officer you don’t wish to make any statements and you want to speak to an attorney. Admission can be used against you later in court, but your silence or request for counsel cannot.
  • Don’t complete field tests.These tests are voluntary and you should tell the officer you decline any voluntary tests. The officer is looking for evidence against you and it is never a good idea to give it to them.
  • Contact an attorney. These are significant charges and you should not try to tackle them without experienced counsel to advise you appropriately and advocate on your behalf.