Criminal Defense

Description: Our client was charged with Felony VUCSA (Violation of Uniform Controlled Substance Act) in King County. With a professional career and security clearance, this client had a lot on the line. Through investigation, negotiation, and understanding the ins and outs of the client’s situation and individual circumstances surrounding the allegation, we were able to secure an extraordinary outcome. After identification of a potential evidentiary issue and a thorough presentation of the client’s circumstances to the prosecution, we negotiated an agreed dismissal with prejudice. This means the charge can never be refiled.

Outcome: Felony drug charge (VUCSA) dismissed – March 2015

This client is now able to move on with their life free from probation, a damaging criminal conviction that could have ruined a career, or any further consequences.

Client Testimonial: “Michelle and her team did a truly remarkable job with my case. I had never been in a situation which required a lawyer – given the gravity of the case, the smartest decision I made was to hire Michelle. Upon finding out a case was pending I contacted Michelle who immediately met with me in person to go over everything that she knew. It was clear that she would do everything in her power to help me. She was very clear and upfront about what to expect and different approaches to handling the case. Her attention to detail, thorough thought process and knowledge of how to approach my case was extremely impressive. Since I had not been in a situation like this I had lots of questions which she answered in great detail and in a prompt fashion. Her dedication to resolving my case was remarkable – is in kind and determined to get the best possible outcome; that was very clear. She answered all of my questions, met with me to review all of the details and was almost always available. There is absolutely no way my life would be the same if it wasn’t for Michelle and her team. In the end she got what would have been a devastating charge that would have ruined my life completely dismissed/dropped. It’s an experience I do not want to go through ever again but thanks to Michelle it ended in the best possible outcome. There is not enough gratitude in the world to express how I feel about what she did for me. Without a doubt I would recommend Michelle to anyone who needs legal help/guidance.”