Tony Dellino

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Tony Dellino is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Dellino Family Law Group. He brings more than 12 years of project management and marketing experience from several well-known and trusted Pacific Northwest companies. Tony oversees day-to-day operations of the firm with an emphasis on strategic development and overall growth. He utilizes his marketing background to place additional focus on brand building to ultimately drive business through strategic marketing campaigns.

Who I Am

First and foremost, I am a husband and a father to four boys. I love being a dad and helping my kids navigate their way through life. My family comes first. But more on them and all that in a little bit.

Beyond my life at home, I am a seasoned marketing and operations professional who has seen it all. I’ve had my hands in just about all aspects of marketing and project management throughout my professional career, including but not limited to: event management, email marketing, retail marketing, advertising, brand building, social media, PR, and media relations. I pride myself in aligning with great local companies.

There are three key elements of this business that I’ve developed in my experience, which I continue to build upon: 1) What it means to be a trusted authority within your field, and how to attain that; 2) How to positively effect branding and growth while maintaining profitability; and 3) How to have fun with whatever you’re doing.

I had several “aha moments” early in my career that lead me down the path toward marketing. One of which came early on when I was selling children’s shoes at Nordstrom. I was given the opportunity to implement my first small marketing campaign around a brand of shoes. I felt the rush of developing and executing a successful campaign for a brand I believed in and I was hooked.

After graduating college, I found an exciting job in marketing and event planning for Sur La Table, the Seattle-based kitchenware retailer. I established my footing in the marketing industry and dug into everything I could get my hands on. I planned company events and helped develop retail marketing campaigns during a period of tremendous growth. I experienced what it truly meant to have fun at my job and also learned how to be financially responsible for the events and marketing campaigns we produced.

At Redfin I learned how to be analytical about the business. Understanding how to view marketing from a numbers perspective and the importance of analyzing consumer data changed my whole view on the industry for the better. I became more thoughtful about the programs we implemented and gained an understanding of how to be nimble and adapt quickly to changing climates within an industry.

I then moved on to Varsity Communications, a small marketing firm where we accomplished big things. At the Lynnwood-based company, I fully flexed my marketing muscles. We developed and executed new ideas and events from the ground up, and worked on everything from consumer golf shows to huge wine and food events like Taste Washington and collaborated with The James Beard Foundation. Some days I would be dripping in sweat as we tore down a week-long golf show that took six months to produce. While other days I would be in suit, back of house at a five-star hotel, giving direction to James Beard award-winning chefs preparing dinner for a 300-person gala. Never a dull moment, just how I like it.

I offer details from my experience because “marketing” can mean a lot of different things to different people depending on how you look at it. It’s such a broad and exciting field that I am constantly learning more about and evolving with each and every day.

So, who am I? I’m certainly not a lawyer. But then again, I wasn’t a chef when I worked at Sur La Table, I wasn’t a real estate agent when I worked for Redfin, and I wasn’t a golf pro at Varsity. Simply put, I am a Marketer. I help develop brands, and I promote products.

Why I Do This Work

I love getting behind companies and brands that I believe in. I believe that effective branding and marketing are ever-evolving tools that all companies need in order to grow. Sure, any business can be successful. If you have a product that people want and can sell it effectively, then great. You’re done, right? Probably not. And if you want your business to evolve, then definitely not.

I do this work because I am a believer. I believe that a company’s potential for growth is only as strong as the people who work there, and I believe that investing in people and streamlining operations are integral to the success of any company. I also believe that a company’s marketing message can and should be spread through an endless variety of channels. I love connecting with customers, clients, and industry professionals. I believe personal relationships are the backbone of any industry, and the best relationships are often drawn from strong marketing messages.

Yea… but why THIS work? Why a law firm?

The answer is simple. I am here because I am a believer in this firm. Well before I accepted a position, I was a client of the Dellino Family Law Group and bonafide success story.

I said it at the top, I am the primary parent to four amazing children, which were the product of a 17-year marriage. I married my high school sweetheart (elementary sweetheart, really) and together we built our family. Unfortunately, the marriage broke down and eventually ended in divorce.

The divorce process was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. It was confusing, gut wrenching, and emotionally exhausting. So, if you’re headed down this road, believe me, I get it. I aim to be an active voice behind this firm because I know we can help you through this process. The firm did it for me, and I know they can do it for you. I’ve seen the attorneys in action, and I believe in their mission.

So, that’s probably way more than you expected to learn about me but thank you for reading this far. If you’re here because you’re a fellow marketing professional, “Hi! Let’s chat. Maybe we can find a way to collaborate.” But if you’re a fellow human being going through a divorce, or a tough time in your relationship, “I hear you. I’ve been right where you are, and you are going to get through this.” Trust me. If I can do it, then YOU can do it, too.

The DLG helped me write my comeback story (heck, I’m still writing it), and I’m here to help spread the word that we can do the same for you!

My Background

I was born and raised in Seattle. I went to school here. I built my family here. I’ve developed my career here. What can I say, I love this city!

I am the youngest of three children and have two amazing parents. They’ve been my biggest supporters and instrumental in nearly everything I’ve done. My oldest sibling is Michelle, the managing attorney and founder of this firm. I am so incredibly proud and honored to be working alongside her, and this team, to help take Dellino Family Law Group to the next level and beyond!

I graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a BA in Communications. I’ve spent my career utilizing my education to carve out a niche within the communication and marketing industry right here in my hometown.

As a father to four boys, I inevitably spend my time doing pretty much whatever they’re doing. Baseball practices, sports, camps, and all kinds of after-school activities (elementary up through college), I spend a lot of my free time supporting my kids in all that they do. When I get a few minutes for myself, I love staying active and enjoy the outdoors. I love to golf and am often at my happiest on a basketball court. I appreciate a good hike and try to take my kids camping and fishing as often as they’d like. I also love to travel and explore new cities. I’ve done quite a bit of domestic traveling for work over the years, but recently have been aiming to revisit some of my favorites while exploring new ones. And, if I’m being totally honest, on any given day I would be most content to just hang at home and watch movies with my wife. I love all types of movies and am a student of cinema and great films.