Divorce is daunting. Whether you want it to happen or not, it is overwhelming. You need to get the right information to take steps early in your case to set you up for success. No matter what your friends or family members may tell you about what happened in their divorces, please know that no two cases are the same and you should get your legal information and advice from an attorney. Whether you are embarking on a high conflict divorce or seeking to finalize an amicable resolution, professional guidance is imperative and the right steps can make all the difference in getting the resolution you want.

Where Do I Start?

This checklist will get you moving. There is a lot to do, so be patient with yourself and take this one step at a time.

  • Get Guidance from the Pros. Dellino Family Law Group knows divorce. This is what we do. Our team of divorce attorneys and support professionals are here to help you get started. We can help you understand the roadmap you need to follow, what you need to gather, and the steps to take and not to take. Schedule a time to talk with us to get things started on the right foot or get things back on track if it is not going how you would like. We work with a team of professionals in finance, real estate, mental health, and other experts. We will make sure you have the well-rounded team and all the resources you need.
  • Gather Your Financials. You will eventually need all of your financial statements and documents in this process. Don’t Have Access to the Financials? Don’t panic. We can help you with that. Just do what you can.
    • Start with these, if you have access:
      • Last two years of tax returns – the full returns.
      • Last six months of bank statements, stock portfolios, mortgage statements, credit card statements, retirement statements, insurance plan statements, car loan statements, and anything else you have a statement for.
      • One year of pay stubs.
  • Budget Planning. What are your expenses? Many people have no idea so now is a good time to draft a basic budget so you know what you will need to support yourself and children post-separation. You do not have to be perfect, and you may not know. Just do your best to estimate your monthly budget and we will help you from there.
  • Children. If you have children you and your spouse will ideally work together to determine when to tell the children together and the messaging. Have that hard talk with your spouse. Put the children first and present a united front. Do not blame one another. This is not always possible and sometimes this will not be a joint conversation. Ask for advice on resources on dealing with the situation.
  • Get Support. We started out by noting the need for legal support, but do not forget about your mental health. Let your support network know. Tell your friends and family. See your therapist or ask for a referral if you do not have one. You may need financial support from a CDFA, CPA, or a parenting expert to get involved. You may not know what you need. That is okay because it is our job to help you know and make that part of the support happen for you.

Let us help you. If you want to take that next step, call us or contact us online. Your inquiry and consultation will be confidential. We look forward to meeting you and helping you navigate this process as efficiently and effectively as possible, with compassion.