Domestic Violence Family Law

Family law cases can unfortunately often involve domestic violence. Are you a victim of domestic violence (“DV”) or being accused of perpetrating it, maybe even falsely? These are not uncommon issues in family law matters, whether a divorce, parenting plan modifications, or protection orders with and without children involved. You need to take action and get information as soon as possible to understand the impact DV can have on your individual situation.

Domestic violence victims in family law proceedings need a team that understands your need for protection and the impact DV findings can have in a parenting situation. A finding that a party has committed DV have can have major implications that are lasting in family law actions, especially where children are involved. Finding of domestic violence can lead to restrictions in decision-making, residential time, and other areas of your parenting plan. A Domestic Violence Protection Order or criminal conviction or other resolution in a criminal case related to DV can also cause problems for certain background checks and immigration issues.

If you are a victim of DV, you need to make sure you are getting the protection you need. If you are being accused of committing DV, whether you made a mistake and did engage in the behavior you are being accused of or are being falsely accused as another party seeks an advantage in your case, you need counsel as well to determine your options and seek to avoid a damaging outcome or mitigate damage.

Domestic violence must be identified and understood at the outset of your family law case to get the best possible results and resolution that is right for you and your family. If you have questions, we have answers. Please reach out.