Uncontested Flat Fee Options

Uncontested 20Flat 20Fee 1Uncontested Flat Fee Options in Family Law Cases

“My case is not contested. My spouse and I agree on everything and just need someone to handle all our paperwork. Can you do that?”


While we offer full-service representation to people that need it, Dellino Family Law Group is proud to now provide competent and complete attorney reviewed legal documents for all of Washington State at flat fees. This is a service that is greatly needed. Family court is difficult to navigate, the required paperwork can be complicated, and accuracy in documents is critical and errors can have serious long-term implications. By using our firm for your paperwork, you eliminate the stress and uncertainty that can lead to mistakes and the high costs and uncertainty of hourly fees that come with contested cases.

We are a law firm that provides this service — and NOT a DIY or “divorce kit” company.  All documents are created by our staff specifically for your case and custom tailored to your needs. We will not make you type or file any of your own court documents like most of the other services do.

You will never have to worry about:

  • Whether the legal language is correct on your documents
  • Whether your court documents are up to date
  • Where the documents are sent and when
  • Whether you possibly forgot or otherwise failed to provide the court with a required document
  • What copies of documents you (and your spouse) receive and when
  • Navigating the court system, email, and phone lines to check on your case status

We will handle ALL of that for you.

We will file your case and handle all of your paperwork for you with no court appearances needed in uncontested family law cases that include the following situations:

  • Dissolutions (Divorces)
  • Legal Separations
  • Domestic Partnership Dissolutions
  • Parenting Plans and Modifications
  • Child Support Orders and Modifications
  • Property Settlement Agreements
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs)
  • Quit Claim Deeds and Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavits
  • Many other legal documents related to Domestic Relations cases.

Our fees include all document preparation, attorney review, and all mailing costs.

A copy of each set of documents is provided for both the petitioner and the respondent.

Court filing fees and real estate document recording fees are additional as these are out of pocket fees.

With our flat fee service, we do not offer advice and we do not represent anyone in your case.  Our job is to create your documents according to your agreements and we will answer questions from both sides in your case. In divorce cases, we do not provide service of process outside of the office.

If you need legal advice, advocacy, and if your case is not uncontested, you need a full consultation with one of our attorneys and full representation. Our flat fee program is not for people who need full representation or legal advice.

Please contact us to get a flat fee quote for uncontested options.

Call our office directly at (206) 659-6839 or complete our quick online form.