De Facto Parentage Establishment

Parent child relationships can look different from just biological or even adoptive relationship. In Washington State, de facto parentage is a legal concept that recognizes the relationship between a child and a person who has acted as a parent, even if they are not the biological or adoptive parent of the child. De facto parentage can be established through a court process that determines the person’s rights and responsibilities as a parent, including the right to make decisions about the child’s education, health care, and other important matters. If you may be in a position to make a claim for de facto parentage status, you need to talk with a Washington State family law attorney experienced in these types of cases.


To establish de facto parentage in Washington State, an individual must prove that they have established a meaningful parental relationship with the child and that the child has lived with them for a substantial period of time. The court will also consider other factors, such as the nature of the relationship between the child and the de facto parent, the involvement of the de facto parent in the child’s life, and the reasons for the relationship.


It’s important to note that de facto parentage is a complex legal concept and that the specific requirements for establishing de facto parentage in Washington State may vary depending on the circumstances. It is recommended to consult with a family law attorney for guidance and information on the specific requirements for establishing de facto parentage in your case. We can help. If you have questions about de facto parentage please connect with us. Scheduling a consultation can get you the information you need to evaluate your next steps, plan for your future, or address a pending problem. We are here to make what can be a confusing or overwhelming time easier. Contact us to learn more about how we can help in the way that is most comfortable for you. You can by completing a contact form so we can reach out to you, call/text us anytime , or email us.