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If you are involved with a legal case of any kind, there is a good chance you are battling with some level of emotional distress. Receiving professional, therapeutic support during a challenging time can be invaluable.

Dellino Family Law Group is dedicated to putting your mental health first. We staff an in-house Mental Health Consultant who also provides private counseling as a licensed therapist.

Melissa Rosenberg is a licensed mental health professional, providing individual and couples counseling to clients with a wide range of needs and levels of distress. With 15+ years of experience in mental health, Melissa brings a strengths-based, client-centered approach, exuding openness, compassion, and authenticity in her work with clients.

Below are some of the services Melissa provides that may be helpful to you. These services are available for anyone. You do NOT need to be a DLG client to receive services.MR IMG 8311 outdoor 20headshot

Divorce Ambivalence Counseling (individual):
Deciding whether or not to pursue a divorce and ultimately end a relationship that was meant to be forever can be emotionally painful. Heartache, grief, fear, anxiety, and guilt are just some of the many gut-wrenching emotions that may enter your picture as you seek to make this difficult decision. On the other hand, you may be experiencing feelings of hope and empowerment. The contrast of emotion can be more than a bit confusing. There are often many competing needs and emotions and so much uncertainty. Many people stay paralyzed in the problem for months or years, given the emotional and logistical complexity of making such a life altering decision.

Melissa provides specialized Divorce Ambivalence Counseling, offering goal-directed therapy to individuals who are contemplating this difficult decision. This is a safe space to receive support, unpack your thoughts and emotions, and determine your best path forward.

Individual Therapy:
Melissa provides Individual Therapy to clients facing all types of stressors, adjustment challenges, communication or relationship struggles, major life transition, and changes. Perhaps you are amid the divorce process or a difficult custody battle, or maybe your separation is finalizing and you are picking up the pieces. Maybe you just finalized your prenup and want to ensure you maintain balance and sense of self as you embark on your next chapter of getting married. Maybe you have no past or present family law needs but could just use some extra emotional support during this time in your life.

Melissa’s emphasis is on assisting all clients to find hope, direction, and a better path forward, incorporating their own inherent strengths and drawing from multiple evidence-based treatment modalities, depending on each client’s unique needs. You deserve to feel supported and empowered.

Discernment Counseling (couples):
Melissa is trained in providing Discernment Counseling for couples. This is different than “Marriage Counseling” or “Couples Counseling” in that it is a more structured, goal-directed, time limited approach to helping couples find clarity and confidence in determining the direction of their marriage.

Discernment Counseling is useful when one or both spouses are questioning their commitment to staying married, contemplating divorce, or unable to commit to working together in couples counseling to repair the relationship. This mode of counseling can be very useful for mixed-agenda couples who feel stuck and unsure of what direction their relationship is headed. It allows for you as a couple to slow down, take a full inventory of your relationship, and determine a direction, with no pressure to change or repair, and without the commitment to longer term couples counseling.

Discernment Counseling is meant to be short term, up to 5 sessions maximum.

Couples Counseling:
Relationships are challenging and require effort and compromise on a consistent, regular basis. Sometimes this feels natural and sometimes this feels immensely burdensome. Melissa provides Couples Counseling to newer couples, couples in longer-term relationships. Any couple where both parties are open to relationship improvement and repair can benefit from Couples Counseling.

Melissa is a student of the Gottman Method and incorporates goals, principles, and interventions of the Gottman Method into her work with clients.

Duration of treatment is dependent on each couples’ unique needs.

FREE Consultation:
Melissa has the expertise, knowledge, and compassion to assist you effectively and collaboratively. She offers a FREE phone consultation to discuss services available, your treatment goals & needs, and logistics for moving forward.

Email Melissa today (, or just give her a call directly:
(206) 489-4758