The Seattle Police Department has new policing plans for each city neighborhood based on its Micro Community Policing Plans (MCPPs). This Seattle PI article describes the SPD’s new website, breaking down crime statistics by neighborhoods and detailing how the MCPPs intend to target the neighborhoods’ specified needs.

Micro Community Policing Plans are intended to address the fact that each Seattle neighborhood is unique and with differing needs. MCPPs use crime data, engagement with the community, and police services to gather information about perceptions of crime and public safety. The plans are then designed to meet the unique needs of each community, with an emphasis on citizen perceptions – not just statistics.

The article lists Seattle’s citywide crime statistics, from January – June 2016:

Homicide: 11Rape: 79Robbery: 761Aggravated assault: 1,030Arson: 50Burglary: 3,778Theft: 13,131Car theft: 1,946

On the new website, the SPD breaks down the crime rates and policing priorities for 60 identified neighborhoods. You can review current SPD strategies and the MCPP neighborhood crime statistics. There is also a mechanism to enter in your address if you want to figure out which “micro community” you reside in.

The Seattle PI article also summarizes each neighborhood’s statistics and SPD policing plans, which you can view by scrolling through the article photos and reviewing the captions. Here is an example of what is listed for the Sodo micro-community:

Sodo Homicide: 1Rape: 2Robbery: 7Aggravated assault: 25Arson: 0Burglary: 30Theft: 151Vehicle theft: 25

“SPD’s micro-community priorities: Clamp down on commercial burglaries; use patrolling to curb drug use, drug dealing and public drinking and urination; patrol sporting events for vandalism, urination and littering.”

Be sure to review the data for where you live and where you spend your time. Help protect yourself from preventable arrests by being well informed of police activity and strategy!