Seattle police are taking a tailor-made approach to crime reduction, as reported by King 5 News. The Seattle Police Department (SPD) is seeking to connect to Seattle communities on a micro level, with the aim of diminishing crime.

This week, the Seattle Police Department revealed its Micro Community Policing Plans(MCPP). They have divided up Seattle into 55 communities, each with its own SPD developed policing plan. The SPD recognizes that each neighborhood is unique and priorities and concerns about safety and crime should be individualized. The MCPP’s will be adjusted continuously as crime trends and data are identified and examined. The goal is for the police department and residents of Seattle to collaborate and partner together to build community and manage crime.

Seattle residents can select their neighborhood, organized by precinct, and view their community’s unique Micro Community Policing Summary. The summary includes a listing of community priorities for the specific neighborhood as well as the detailed problem solving strategies that have been identified. is a social network for neighborhoods and has joined together with hundreds of law enforcement agencies to make headway in crime reduction. Seattle police are working with to connect to increasing numbers of community residents. Crime trends and alerts will be posted on for members to see. It is free and easy to join. This can serve as a way for Seatteites to stay connected with their neighborhood and the police department, and to take an active role in helping to reduce crime.