Drivers in King County should be aware that increased targeted traffic patrols are coming soon. The Seattle Times reports that Metropolitan King County Council approved funding for increased traffic enforcement last week.

$100K in supplemental funding was approved to go toward King County deputy salaries, geared at emphasizing traffic patrols in certain areas throughout the county. This will allow for an extra 1,100 hours of patrols in specified areas with the goals of targeting speeders, drunk drivers, and keeping school zones safe. The article specifies some of the roads that will see increased patrols.

With the increase in traffic patrols comes an increase in risk of being pulled over, and being pulled over for a traffic violation can be a very stressful and emotional experience.

Please see our tips for what to do if you are being pulled over for a traffic violation in Washington State:

  • Pull over safely: As soon as you see a police car trying to pull you over, put on your turn signal and pull over to the right as safely as possible. Turn off your radio, put your car in park, and try to have your license, registration, and insurance ready before the officer approaches.
  • Make the officer comfortable: Roll down your window. Have your hands where the officer can see them. Don’t rummage through your glove box. If you don’t already have your documents out, wait to get them until you advise the officer of your intentions.
  • Be polite to the officer: Being rude, accusatory, or overly defensive is only going to hinder the situation.
  • Do not incriminate yourself: Don’t admit to anything or answer trick questions like “Do you know why I pulled you over?” What you say can imply guilt and potentially be used against you later in court, but your silence cannot. A reasonable reply to this or a similar question might be, “I’m not sure, officer.”
  • Accept the ticket you receive: Sign the ticket when the officer asks you to. This is not an admission of guilt. It is simply an acknowledgement of receipt of the citation.
  • Drive safely to your destination: Don’t let this ruin your day. Avoid panic and anger by contacting an experienced traffic attorney as soon as possible to begin fighting your citation.

Why should I work with a traffic attorney?

There are multiple reasons why working with a traffic attorney is advised more often than not.

  • Traffic tickets are very often beatable:  Don’t underestimate your likelihood of winning. With an experienced attorney, your chances of a preferable outcome or a complete dismissal are much greater.
  • There is a lot at stake:  Penalties are significant. In addition to fines, traffic tickets can significantly affect your insurance rates, privilege to drive, and in some cases even your job.
  • License Suspension: Depending upon the severity of the infraction and past driving history, you may lose your privilege to drive.