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Senior Attorney

Ashley M. Raymond is a Senior Attorney at Dellino Family Law Group. As a divorced mother with two young children, Ashley relates to her clients on a deeply personal level. Her goal is to empower her clients to confront the issues at hand, regardless of how difficult or unpleasant, with their future best interests in mind. She strives to avoid conflict with the opposing party as much as possible, but focuses on preparing cases for the best outcome, if the need for litigation arises.

My Approach

I want to ensure that my clients have no regrets; that they get what they’re entitled to and what they deserve. The divorce process can be overwhelming and emotionally draining. However, the results of the divorce process will impact my clients’ lives indefinitely, sometimes long after they have healed emotionally. Therefore, it’s imperative that we pay attention to every detail to guarantee the best results, as they enter this new chapter of life.

Drawing from practical experience, I devise parenting plans that consider each family’s specific dynamics, while providing structure and stability for the children. I am particularly knowledgeable in negotiating parenting plans involving children with special medical, educational, and emotional needs.


I have an advanced legal degree in tax law and prior experience in accounting. This knowledge has allowed me to excel in resolving complex property division cases involving closely-held businesses. I understands the importance of communicating complicated financial matters in a simplified format that the court can understand, and I pride myself on my attention to detail.

About Me

When I am not refereeing arguments between my young son and daughter, I enjoy yoga, photography, and cheering on my beloved Washington Huskies.

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